The Sanofi Vaccine Standing Order (VSO) has been designed to help you with your travel vaccine management and how you access our travel vaccines.

With a VSO you plan to take an agreed amount of your chosen travel vaccines at times of the year when you know you need them most.

Benefits Of Setting Up A Vaccine Standing Order

Freedom To Change

You can change your order month by month, or even postpone deliveries if necessary, to reflect peaks and troughs in demand

Annual Discount

We calculate your discount for each vaccine, based on your annual order, not each delivery – so we are able to offer you the maximum saving available

More Time For You

Flexible stock management, regular invoices and fewer calls to order vaccines all mean it’s easier for you to manage

Order Priority

As a Vaccine Standing Order customer you will automatically qualify for priority status, in the event of any supply disruption


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Date of preparation: November 2018 | SAGB.MIS.18.08.1323k