The comprehensive Sanofi Pasteur travel vaccine range - ViATIM, AVAXIM, TYPHIM Vi, STAMARiL, RABIES VACCINE BP - protects your patients travelling abroad from hepatitis A, typhoid fever, yellow fever and rabies.

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ViATIM provides long-term protection against both hepatitis A and typhoid fever. A single dose from a dual chamber syringe provides protection against these infectious diseases for up to 3 years by day 14.1,2

Seroprotection rates with ViATIM are consistent with those from monovalent vaccines administered separately.1

For even longer-term protection, a booster dose of monovalent hepatitis A vaccine can be given up to 36 months later (but preferably within 6-12 months).1 Revaccinate travellers at continued risk of typhoid fever every 3 years.1


AVAXIM provides up to 3 years’ protection against hepatitis A.3,4 With just a single 0.5 ml dose, 96% of patients are protected by day 14.3

For even longer term protection against hepatitis A, a booster dose can be given up to 36 months later (but preferably within 6-12 months).4


TYPHIM Vi provides up to 3 years’ protection against typhoid fever by day 21.5

With just a single dose, 96.8% of patients are seropositive by day 14.6

For even longer term protection, revaccinate travellers at continued risk of typhoid fever with TYPHIM Vi every 3 years.5


For more than 16 years, UK clinicians have trusted STAMARiL to protect patients from yellow fever.

STAMARiL provides at least 10 years’ protection against yellow fever7 from around 10 days after vaccination - the duration of protection may even be lifelong.

Some patients may require revaccination in line with current official recommendations.


Rabies is transmitted via the saliva of an infected mammal (usually a dog). The Department of Health recommends vaccination against rabies for those:8

  • working abroad in close contact with animals (vets, zoo animal handlers)
  • travelling to an at-risk area for more than 1 month
  • travelling to an area where rabies is common and taking part in higher risk activities (cycling, running).

Protection against this potentially fatal virus can be delivered both pre- and post-exposure.

Receiving a full pre-exposure vaccination course (PrEP) with Rabies Vaccine BP may provide a patient showing symptoms with more time to seek treatment but does not eliminate the need for urgent medical attention.

PrEP course consists of 3 doses of 1.0 ml Rabies Vaccine BP on days 0, 7 and 21 or 28.9

Without PrEP, a patient displaying symptoms of rabies should receive a 5 dose course of post-exposure vaccination and may also require rabies immunoglobulin, this can be difficult to access in some areas of the world.

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