(Hepatitis A [inactivated, adsorbed] and typhoid fever polysaccharide vaccine)


Only one injection1

Helping protect against two common travel diseases1, 2

Protective antibodies within 14 days1


ViATIM is a combined hepatitis A and typhoid fever vaccine for travellers aged 16 years and above.1

Only one injection

Through its easy-to-use dual-chamber syringe, ViATIM means fewer injections for the patient and more time for the practice nurse versus separate administration of hepatitis A and typhoid fever. All with a comparable safety and immunogenicity profile to that of monovalent vaccines separately.3


Helping protect against two travel diseases

As of February 2020, vaccination against hepatitis A and typhoid fever is recommended for most people travelling to countries in Africa, Asia (except Japan) and the Middle East.4,5

Make sure you regularly check the National Travel Health Network and Centre website for up-to-date recommendations.

A poster of the epidemiology map of travel-related diseases is available for display in your clinics via Medisa.


Protective antibodies within 14 days

ViATIM helps build protective antibody levels against hepatitis A and typhoid fever within 14 days of administration,1 being a practical solution for your last-minute and first-time travellers.



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In patients aged 16 years and above, ViATIM will help provide protection against hepatitis A and typhoid fever for the initial 36 months after vaccination.

To help achieve long-term protection (beyond 10 years), a second dose (booster) of vaccine is required as follows:


In patients who have received one dose of ViATIM

In patients who have received one dose of monovalent hepatitis A


Either a dose of monovalent hepatitis A vaccine should be given within 36 months and preferably within 6 to 12 months


If continued protection against typhoid is also required, a second dose of ViATIM may be given provided that approximately 36 months have elapsed since the first dose

ViATIM may be used to provide the booster of hepatitis A vaccine if protection against typhoid fever is also desirable. It should be given within 36 months of the hepatitis A vaccine and preferably within 6 to 12 months


In travellers who remain at risk of typhoid fever, revaccination against typhoid fever should be carried out with a single dose of a typhoid Vi polysaccharide vaccine every 3 years.

For further information specific to ViATIM please refer to the SmPC.

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Date of preparation: March 2020 | SAGB.VIVAX.20.02.0278