Welcome to the RSV hub, here you can learn more about respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), the illnesses it causes and associated symptoms.

This hub is for the UK general public and is part of the Together Against RSV disease awareness initiative, created and funded by Sanofi Pasteur.

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), pronounced “sin-si-tial,” is a common and contagious virus that affects 90% of children before they are two years old.1

RSV is a virus that can cause respiratory illness in babies. Other viruses that can also cause respiratory illness in babies include rhinovirus and influenza virus.2


Most RSV infections in babies are mild and clear up on their own within a few weeks, however, some cases can be more serious.3

Around 28% of all hospital admissions for respiratory infections in children under five are due to RSV.4 Croup, bronchiolitis, and pneumonia are examples of severe illnesses that can be caused by RSV.5,6


All infants are at risk of RSV.7 While most infections cause mild, cold-like symptoms,3 it’s important to be aware of RSV and understand how to spot the more severe symptoms.

With the right information, parents, parents-to-be and caregivers can feel better prepared, reducing worry or stress at a time when life can be stressful enough.


There are precautions you can take to help protect your baby from RSV. These are the same steps you might take to prevent other common viral infections like:7

  • Frequent hand washing for 20 seconds
  • Keeping your hands away from your face
  • Disinfecting surfaces and toys
  • Avoiding close contact with others who may be showing symptoms of carrying the virus

Together Against RSV is a disease awareness initiative from Sanofi Pasteur that aims to educate and inform parents, expectant parents, and caregivers about respiratory infections in infants caused by respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).