Thank you for your interest in Sanofi Pasteur, a world-leading manufacturer of vaccines. Our products help to protect children, adolescents and adults from infectious diseases while at home in the UK and when travelling abroad.

There are a number of Sanofi Pasteur websites that may have the information you are searching for, please see the suggestions below or speak to your healthcare professional if you require further advice.


If you are planning a trip abroad and are searching for information about how to help protect yourself against infectious diseases, the Sanofi Pasteur 'Smarter Traveller' website is a good place to start. By selecting your travel destination, you will see a list of diseases that you can discuss during your pre-travel risk assessment with your Practice Nurse or travel health specialist. You can find information about specific diseases, latest travel news and helpful tips.


Sanofi supports millions of people across the UK & Ireland, helping them to live longer, live better and, live life to the full. Take a look at the Sanofi website to discover more about our medical therapies in diabetes, cardiology, immunology, rare diseases, general medicine and consumer health.

Date of preparation: November 2018 | SAGB.MIS.18.08.1323c

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