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Here you can find useful information on key topics including the burden of disease and how influenza vaccines are manufactured. You can also find links to sign up for our Vaccination Live events as well as supporting Lumiere content.

Burden of influenza

Find out more about the burden of flu, including information on which patients are at increased risk of flu-related complications, and why vaccination uptake remains
a challenge despite these risks.

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Flu vaccine manufacturing

Browse our interactive infographic to learn how flu vaccines are manufactured. The infographic also highlights the differences in recombinant, cell-based and egg-based flu vaccines.

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Find out more about our non-promotional Lumiere resources, including articles, interactive videos and e-learning content, to help protect your patients from vaccine-preventable diseases.

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Vaccination Live

Check out our engaging and interactive educational promotional meetings, with sessions on flu, travel diseases and vaccination updates, as well as vaccination best practice workshops.

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